A very special thanks to Born in a Barn Studio for providing the photography.

Have an amazing Pop Star Party with your friends, at Born in a Barn Recording Studio Warwickshire. Choose your favourite songs to record just like a real Pop Star. First it's rehearsals till you all get the hang of it, then we record you as a group. Next a short break taking photos for the CD & you can feast on a buffet whilst your single is produced.  Wasting no time you're straight back in to do another song and/or film you all, for footage to make your Pop Video and sometimes try a solo, but always finish off in Club BB using lasers, smoke/fog machine, LED strobes & spotlights whilst seeing all your pics on a super cool gallery display.


Book easily -  either by hitting the red BOOK A PARTY button top right of this page, or by downloading/using our App, or call to arrange the date. Of course you can email us your details/requirements and we will reply within an hour - usually. Please try to avoid calling at main party times! Leave a message if you get the answerphone and we will call you back after the party.

before the party

We will keep you hassle free by sending you some invites once your booking deposit is received.  1 week before your party we will send you a checklist to complete and return - so there's no confusion on what will happen at the party. A tried and tested method which keeps all kids laughing and happy all the way to the end - and the adults content too!
Bring your own cakes please and often the kids are 'styled' before they set off to look like a girl/boy band, which makes the pics/vids look awesome.

During the party

We aim to make everyone happy, content and comfy. Adults can chat amongst themselves out of earshot in the Party Hangout room, or join us in the main control room to see how things go - beware though - adults may get asked to demonstrate their vocal qualities if they sing along too loudly!!  Free tea and coffee is readily available and you are invited to make a round.  Hats, cool-shades, punk wigs, masks and fake coloured hair are all part of the armoury for amusement, which can be used during any part of the sessions. Everybody loves wearing crazy hats!

After the party

Any media not collected at the party will be sent to you on a secure server and you will be invited to complete feedback forms, as we genuinely thrive on you comments - improvements can always be made.  Bring a big memory stick if you like, to take data away on immediately. Solo songs and videos are produced after the party due to the extra concentration required.


Some special party moments.


Lots of pics are taken at the parties and you have complete control of them. After the party they are sent to you on a secure server. Some are taken during the official red carpet photoshoot, some just as we go and some on the selfie-stick, which is cautiously handed around for the kids to use at their will.

Terms and Conditions:

  • All parties must be paid for in full 1 week before the party if paying by BACS. Cash on the day is best
  • Deposits must be left through our PayPal facility on the Book A Party page, to guarantee booking
  • Cheques will only be accepted 7 days in advance of the party to allow clearing time
  • Song choices must be detailed via email, 1 week in advance of booking via checklist email sent to you
  • Lyrics will be provided by the organisers (BB Studio)
  • Any dietary requirements must be made aware to the organisers, 1 week in advance of booking
  • At least 1 adult must be present throughout the party for groups under age 16 years old
  • Cakes are provided by parents/guardian - not by PSP
  • Adults must be prepared to wear hats & sing (just a bit) in the spirit of the party!!!!
  • Video content taken at the party for the Pop Video may also be used in future promotional material, unless specifically requested not in advance of booking. Requests will be respected.
  • Pictures taken at the party on our red carpet, using our selfie-stick & of things that happen generally, may be used in future promotional material, unless specifically requested not in advance of booking. Requests will be respected.
  • Audio recorded at the party may be used in future promotional material, unless specifically requested not in advance of booking. Requests will be respected.
  • Email addresses will be collected during the booking process and will be added to our mailing list for future promotions.  The Unsubscribe Option is a legal requirement which is included in all our mail campaigns.
  • Videos & solos will be produced after your party in order of bookings taken. If we have many parties over a weekend you may need to allow more time to receive the media but all productions will be sent to you within the next 3 days maximum.


Safety & Security:
To ensure your children's safety a fire risk assessment has been completed and staff are trained in emergency evacuation procedures. A minimum of 1 accompanying adult is required to be present for all parties to proceed.  

Conveniences: Please note - there is only 1 toilet on the farm, so please don't all rush at once.

Booster Buffet: All freshly bought on the day to include a variety of the following according to age: 
Walkers crisps, mixed chocolates, mini-pasties, sausage rolls, cheese & onion rolls, egg bites, cocktail sausages.
Haribo sweets, seedless grapes, fruit squash, biscuits, millionaire's flapjack, ham/cheese sandwiches on a platter.
Allergy awareness is built into the checklist we send you on booking & there's no known nuts in anything we buy.

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