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SPECIal occasions

Pop Celeb Party is aimed at teenagers upwards.  Quite often teenagers will have a smaller group of  friends, that really gel as a group and we run Pop Celeb Party to focus even more detail to the singing and making a great recording of your chosen songs.  The focus is shifted from pretending to be pop stars to making a great CD everyone is proud of and living the life of a celebrity for a few hours. 18th & 21st birthdays and wedding anniversaries are a speciality.


Parents - the fun does not have to stop with your kids. So many times during our Pop Star Parties, parents will ask if we run adult parties ... well, YES we do.  

We have 2 packages called Rock Star Party & Pop Celeb Party. 12 people is still the optimum number we can record together but not everyone has to sing and so much fun can be had reliving the experience your kids had, with your adult friends! 

Singing really gets the party rolling and if you have had a party for your kids we can do the same for you.

 Call for a chat about what you want.

retro focus

Fancy reliving some of the 70's, 80's or 90's where rock music was in its prime, then our rock music focussed party is gonna kick-ass!  Of course it isn't limited to these eras, but we know our clients love those years.  Rock backing tracks are just as much fun to sing to & have classic sing-a-long choruses that should never be forgotten.
The format is the same but the focus is a bit different - give us a call to talk about your favourite air-guitar tracks and book a party with us today.

Pop Celeb Party Hens at BB Studio Coventry

stag & Hen

Get your gang of hens and/or stags together for a bespoke Pop Celeb Party at the barn, singing your chosen songs and adapting favourite tunes to be personal to your wedding day. Serious recordings are a treat for the lucky lady & gents, whilst adapted songs can be so much fun to record.  Discuss with us some info about the lucky pair and we can adapt the lyrics of their favourite song to record on the day, making a personalised unique gift they will keep forever.

team building

Our business relations building opportunity or team-building events are amazingly popular.  We have worked with banks, round tables, industrial equipment sales teams and local network groups to name a few organisations.  Co-ordinating your team to learn a method, split the tasks and deliver the goods is a challenge at the best of times - then there's making a suitable video! - bring your team to Pop Celeb Party to live the moment of recording a hit! You won't regret it!