Birthdays really are Special this month

So - if you are kinda local to Coventry you may know that all this week The Specials are in town - most parents will know this band - they have been around for 40 years after all.
2Tone was founded in Coventry and The Specials are famous for writing Ghost Town (amongst many others) which is a song about Coventry.

Guess what - we were lucky enough to be visited by not 1 but 2 Specials members recently. Mark Adams (ex keyboardist) brought his daughter for a party and she had a blast with her select group of mates. The best part was certainly her solo spot which went down brilliantly.
Mark also brought his mate Lynval Golding (guitarist & singer in The Specials) who is performing this week at the 4 gigs in Coventry in the Catherdal ruins - so we got a picture and had a great chat about his extensive touring - super guy.
2 Pop Stars in 1 day at the studio!! Plus another in the making I think - well done Paige.

Book your party with us and you will have a brilliant party too. Also we have been awarded this - more later.
”We are delighted to be featuring Pop Star Party as The Tried and Tested number 1 party Specialists, featuring in our Editors Annual 2019 Recommendations , publishing in the August-September issue of The Living Magazine.”