10th Birthday an absolute Blast

Running a marathon invokes less fear than the fear involved in running my own daughters party last weekend!

Thankfully it was a total success - I don't try to do anything different just because it's my daughter and her mates, all of which I know of course, but this doesn't make it any less stressful before we get going.

Grace wanted Touch by Little Mix and Rain by The Script as her 2 songs and didn't want to do any solo - phew. All the kids in her gang had been on a 3 day school trip just before the party and all bonded even more than normal with new hand signals and actions in play, making the party very cool for them and bonkers to watch.  It was a pleasure to run and they all had a top time and Hannah even played along on the drums to Touch at the end - great to see.

Grace had a 'smash' cake (for once I didn't have to bake anything - yay) which as the name suggests she had to smash open to reveal the chocs and sweets inside - very cool.

Great party great vibe and the video looks amazing as they all totally got into the video filming part making my job easier producing it.  

If you want a party at the barn with us at PSP then please get in touch:


Pop Star Party Graces video.jpg
Pop Star Party Grace G 10a.jpg