Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!

It’s a big day in history today as my Dad marks his 80th birthday.

No - he isn’t having a party with us but we will be celebrating it next week with him and nearly all the family.

BB Studio, where all our parties are held, is a busy working studio recording singers and bands when not in party mode. Recently I have been rehearsing hard with my new band and am performing our first gig this weekend. Danny Ansell & co. is the band name and Danny has been performing for over 10 years as a solo artist so this is massive for us all.

Because BB Studio is actively producing tracks for all sorts of projects, occasionally songs arise that could use a group of kids singing on it and there have a been a good few special moments where kids have helped out.

Last week during one of the parties I asked the group to sing Happy Birthday to my Dad (Tim) and shout happy 80th messages at the end - big thanks to the girls who did this.

Bebe was the party girl celebrating her 11th birthday and where better than at BB Studio - well done to everyone tho it was a great party.

Bebe at BB Studio for her Pop Star Party.jpeg
Bebe at Pop Star Party.jpeg