What to sing at your party?

Common questions asked by eager parents when booking their party are:

What songs can they sing?
Is there a list?
Whats the most popular at the moment?

Well the answers are anything, no and it varies!

Unlike some events you go to where everything is funnelled down so the organisers are basically performing the same stunts, I don't like to have limits on the kids at their parties - it is their party after all. So this is why you can choose any songs you want.  I always advise that you pick something a bit funky or with an uptempo beat so that the party is lively and to ensure all the kids know the song. It's also easier to film kids being active than singing slow & moody ballads and makes for more entertaining viewing later! But if you want to sing ballads that's also fine - it's your party.
No list - the list is whatever song your child is into, so long as there is a backing track available then we will download it.
With so many parties it's tricky to say which song is currently most popular but last year Uptown Funk was definitely top of the list - maybe it will be a Honey G song this year!!  Where has Jessie J gone? 


Red Carpet Photoshoot at Pop Star Party