New promo video for Pop Star Party

If you would like to see what the party pals get up to at a party and how a video can look after they have filmed the footage, then this is the perfect video to watch.

The party pals are filmed from 4 different perspectives after they have recorded the singing so a fairly complicated video can be constructed after the party (believe me I really need a bit of peace n quiet to put the video together) and sent out to the person who booked the party - this can then be shared by them of course.
Roll 1 - wearing headphones around our headphone hub recording the singing
Roll 2 - using any accessories they choose from hats & glasses to wigs & masks
Roll 3 - using our lights, smoke & lasers for atmosphere and club feel
Roll 4 - having fun in the green screen filming room - easily large enough area for 12 pals

The video is viewable by clicking this link (scroll down once there):

Although a format is followed every video is unique and changes according to what the group want to do and the general vibe from the group as a whole.

Pop Star Party - Headphone Hub.jpg