Parties - everywhere I go there's parties

So it's been a month since the last blog about running - and its been a very busy time for me.

Generally the summer is a quiet time for parties and this year we have absolutely packed our summer out with family trips to make the running training interesting and varied, but also to keep life interesting for my daughter who is studying for her 11+ exam in September - a lot of work is going into this!

But this blog is a short one to mention a very special party for a very special Mum - my mother in law turned 70 this year and we had a bit of a 'do' for her in America whilst visiting earlier this month.  Here is her cake - we do like cake at Pop Star Party - a lot.

Pop Star Party 70th Cake.jpg

Tiny reminder about the marathon relevance to Pop Star Party news:
In October this year I will be running the Dublin marathon so am currently training 4 days a week to build strength & passion for running - I will be running for a charity also and that charity is ChildLine Ireland.
I'm taking a food supplement for extra energy & all round organic support to diet:
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