Injuries do happen

Just a little post to say that I suffered a small injury - just a hurty hip and twisted knee tendon but since everyone I spoke to said take it easy, I decided to not run for 2 weeks.  That time is up now and the pains have subsided - hopefully gone forever but something tells me they might sneak back - but I did learn a lesson - it is possible to over do it and I haven't been stretching properly before/after runs.  Lesson learned and running starts again today.

Later this month I am travelling to Norway to see some beautiful countryside in an area called Rogaland (pronounced Roe-gar-land apparently) but it's the closest I could find to anywhere being named after my first name - ha!  I'm hoping to be running about 10k from the hotel to a monument site where there are 3 massive swords (carved from rock) stuck into the ground.  Fortunately it's dead flat.

Bring it all on.

Tiny reminder about the marathon relevance to Pop Star Party news:
In October this year I will be running the Dublin marathon so am currently training 4 days a week to build strength & passion for running - I will be running for a charity also and that charity is ChildLine Ireland.
I'm taking a food supplement for extra energy & all round organic support to diet:
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