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So things are going really well with the training for my 1st marathon.

There’s only 2 weeks left before I head off to Holyhead to catch a ferry to Dublin. Training is feeling great and my daughter is forcing me to do body core exercises (which she learns at dance class) on top of the running - plus I’ve thrown cycling & swimming into the programme.

The diet is proving fun - eating tons of steak & chips, pasta based meals and oily fish as often as I can but that’s the normal stuff. This week my power gels arrived and today I tried running on just 1 - they are a high power energy & caffeine mix (amongst other stuff) which seem to work quite well. I have done all my training naturally but figure that one of the best aspects of amateur marathon racing is that you can use some legal drug assistance - why not!

Over the Summer I tried dropping alcohol out of the equation and we succeeded for a good while especially whilst on holiday but I have to admit I am not entirely tea total anymore - there has to be some pleasures in life!! More recently I have started drinking natural vegetable juices - you know what … they are actually quite nice.

On the day I’m going to be using Kangen water too - this ionised stuff absorbs into the body tons better and so doesn’t get wasted in sweat so fast - apparently. I love a bit of science.

Lastly as I have mentioned in most of my blogs about running, I am using a food supplement by NewGen called Superfoods Plus - it’s a powder added to water & seems to help in being healthy and energised all day. They have a new product launching very soon specifically for athletes which I might just get into if it’s available soon.

So my weight has dropped quite a bit this year too. I started at 15’5” and today am 13’9” - the way things are going I may be down to 13’5" by the time of the run, so losing 2 full stones this year entirely down to running.

Legal Highs!!

Legal Highs!!

Tiny reminder about the marathon relevance to Pop Star Party news:
In October this year I will be running the Dublin marathon so am currently training 4 days a week to build strength & passion for running - I will be running for a charity also and that charity is ChildLine Ireland.
I'm taking a food supplement for extra energy & all round organic support to diet:
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These are nice - but not as nice as wine.

These are nice - but not as nice as wine.