4 tips for choosing your songs

What songs should you choose as a parent and as the party person?

It's a big decision for the big day - there's just so many songs!!  

How are you going to get it right? Will everyone enjoy the party based on your taste? Can any song be done? These are some of the worries parents have - kids don't have worries they just pick what they know! But is the song appropriate? 

Tip 1 - Pick something all the friends to the party will know - if party pals have to learn a song at the party its going to slow things down and lower the mood. If someone doesn't know the song they may feel excluded or under pressure.  If only the main party person knows the song then perhaps it should be only used for a solo.

Tip 2 - Try to pick upbeat songs. This will keep the group vibrant and happy, even bouncing and bobbing as they sing.  Also the video will be more fun to make than a slower ballad style song.

Tip 3 - Really check the song for lyrical delivery styles - a lot of pop songs these days have extra artists featuring on the song, sometimes as rappers.  Check that the rap section is deliverable by your child or someone at the party.  If it's too much, then it can slow the recording procedure and lower the mood.  Remember - its 'pop star party' so charted Pop music is going to be most ideal.

Tip 4 - Double check the song for any bad language which you may not feel is appropriate. Often the words in question can be substituted easily for more appropriate words, or just sounds like 'shhh' for example!  This can remove the awkward parental moment of embarrassment as they hear their kids swearing as a group and giggling profusely!

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CDs are available at the end of a party for everyone.

CDs are available at the end of a party for everyone.