Avoid tears at your party

Singing your favourite song is easy, right?

Give it a go at home – sing the song from start to finish and see if you actually can – you may well find there’s at least 1 tricky bit that you conveniently skip over, but this is barely noticed because the lyrics are still on the track you are singing too – we all do it.

But when you record your own voice singing to a backing track there will be no pro singers on the track you are singing too and errors will be exposed – most can be overcome by simply going over the dodgy lines or layering a section if there’s an overlap.

But during a solo with the pressure of all your party pals watching you whilst under the some cool spotlights we don’t want a song to go wrong – you need to be really confident to rock your solo out in front of your friends and not get it wrong or feel bad if you forget anything – this can all lead to tears – and nobody wants them at your party.

It doesn't have to be stressful!

It doesn't have to be stressful!

So how can tears be avoided?

Pick an easy song – not necessarily your fave.

Practice it at home – a lot. Try not to cheat.

Be honest. Are there bits that are layered or a bit fast and tricky?  Is there a rap section, which you can’t really do?

Download a backing track for around 79p on iTunes and actually practice to a backing track.

Don’t worry – we have recorded kids for years doing their solos at our parties and really know how to help them through.  Remember also that it is just an ‘experience’ of recording a solo and not an opportunity to get absolutely the best recording – we can do that, but it’s much better if it’s done on a separate day where there is no pressure from friends and family watching.  Most actual stars spend hours recording their original songs, so don’t worry if you don’t nail it in 15 minutes in your party – just enjoy the experience!!

Anyone who has had a party with us is more than welcome to come back on a separate occasion and make a real recording of themselves at a later date and we find that generally this works so well because you already know us, have seen around the studio and know what to expect – so you are relaxed and ready to deliver!

Keeping kids happy is what we do.

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