Guinea Pig Day for Greasby!

Yep it's right I have been a guinea pig - sometimes the only way to find out if something is good, is to try it - which is what I started last October when I was introduced to a food supplement.

Long and short of it is - it works - and I'm still using it - so would you mind if I tell you about it?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I don't like lies - I generally have good gut instincts about situations and won't spend money on rubbish.  So, when I was introduced to a food supplement that is 'everything in 1 bag' I was very dubious.  I have never taken food supplements, I have never got involved with multi-level marketing organisations and I have never had any faith in stuff not sold in the shops, but for some reason I agreed to go to an evening presentation about this new product.  The lady who took me along runs an alternative healing clinic (who I have been making tons of short videos for at the studio) and is a genuine successful practitioner - so I trusted her - trust is such an important thing.  As it turned out it's not that new - it's been around a couple of years but I was sufficiently interested to give it a go.  Let's face it, I'm training for a marathon and anything which gives me more energy, fire and enthusiasm I am willing to consider.  But there's way more to this than just energy lift.

Clinton Sellers the CEO of the (local) company impressed me from the onset.  Here is a man who has worked in the food supplement industry all his life and decided to radically change everything - from the product, the packaging, the website & back office to the distribution and the price.  There's 1 product & 2 ways to get it - buy it or supply it. 

Integrity has to be Clintons middle name - everything he has done is squeaky clean, tested in the massive Brunswick labs in America, 100% organic, organically registered & approved and there's no bulky packing agents - this last point being one of the most impressive aspects to me.  I have a Chemistry degree so kind of feel I understand the nuts and bolts of packaging food - this doesn't have any 'stuff' in it to keep it fresh or bulk it out - it's just 100% useful product rammed full of the stuff we don't get in everyday foods (that have been genetically modified or 'processed' for us) sourced from the really cool ingredients of many, many foods we wouldn't normally buy, because they are expensive or unavailable - all the info is on the label, everything is transparent with this company and it just works.

What works? - what does it do? - well there's a question!!

Initially I was interested in the food supplement side of things to get essential minerals and natural chemicals into my body which will help with digestion and general healthiness to boost my running, but after 6 months of testing it myself, going to presentations every 6 weeks at Warwick Castle and hearing genuine testimonials from people who have (had) medical complaints I'm just amazed at how much more is going on - the antioxidants in the product is mind blowing, the pre & probiotics in the product is amazing and the healing properties seem too good to be true, but everyone is telling how their psoriasis, fibromyalgia, hair loss, rheumatism, arthritis and allergies are reduced/eliminated.  Now I'm genuinely lucky that so far to date, I've not had a medical condition that's needed prescribed drugs to keep under control so I can't actually vouch for whether any of these things are true myself, but I can't deny what my ears have heard consistently for 6 months now - this stuff is like magic!!
Last night I was at a massive awards ceremony in the Grand Hall at Warwick Castle - so many people being rewarded for their involvement in the company (see pic of Rhian at bottom).
Quote from Rhian: "it ticks boxes for things we don't even have boxes for" - Quite simply a game-changer!!

So what is it?

It's called NewGen Direct Superfoods Plus and the company is based in Warwick.

Here is my page on the company website which details everything you need to know about the product:

There is a promotion on for another week until new stock arrives - they just put in an order for £1 Million worth of stock - you can try it it for yourself for £27.99.  Less than what you probably spend on cups of coffee in a month. PLUS - free shipping until April 22nd 2018.  Surely this is a no-brainer!

PS - I called my page PopStarFood because you will notice the model used in the brochure is actually a pop star - her name is Yennis Cheung who you may also have seen in the James Bond film SkyFall as a casino cashier.  Well, since I run Pop Star Party and know that a lot of singers take supplements and are fastidious about their diet/health I realised the potential right there.  But I wanted to test it on myself first and now feel 100% satisfied that this product absolutely rocks.


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