The Beast from the East Buried us Deep!

Things that make you go hmmmm?

We all suffered the mad storm Emma last week but I had to drive to Ireland in it. We had to go a day early due to the (fast) ferry being cancelled because of the weather being too bad and catch a different (slow) ferry which took longer on the sea - bonkers.

When we got to Ireland the storm was at its peek and we parked the car on solid snow - couldnt really see any road whatsoever and in the morning the cars had almost disappeared.  The 'wedding got postponed 2 days (an unbelievable amount of organisation went into that!) so we ended staying an extra day as well. So 3 nights turned in to 5 but fortunately the wedding went really well.  Running plans were obviously abandoned due to the whole of Ireland being on a red alert meaning nobody is allowed to go out/travel unless emergency.  So plan B had to be used - go to the hotel gym and use a treadmill - i hate treadmills.

The view was kind of OK and i could watch some of the people outside getting stuck and digging cars out, but running like a hamster on a treadmill is definitely not my thing. And it squeaked like crazy and then the one next to it squeaked but differently making a very silly noise.  So some training happened but it was under duress and i didn't get to run in Phoenix Park on the official route - that will now have to wait till October.

Fortunately the hotel had plenty of Guinness and didn't run out of food or wine - result.

PopStar Party in the snow.jpg