2 Castles Run - with an international twist

My return from Ireland was as bonkers as the drive there.  The snow had melted and the weather was foul and we drove in a storm most of the way back.  

The wedding reception had taken place at the ultra posh Cabra Castle in County Cavan, Ireland, and we needed to get back to a presentation at Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, UK, about food supplements - something I have started to take as part of the whole get fit/be healthy thing. So effectively we were doing our own 2 Castles Run - albeit in a car, in a storm! We left Cabra Castle at 12.00 midday and reached Warwick Castle at 8.30pm - long drive.  If you live in Warwickshire you will know the 2 Castles Run which is 10k between Warwick Castle and Kenilworth Castle and usually happens around June time.  I've entered again this year and it was my first ever official run last year.

I've been taking the food supplement since October last year, with only good results and no side effects.  I would normally be skeptical of supplements but this one is different in every way possible and along the way I have got to know the director of the company - who is a really nice guy.  More about all this later.

Whilst we were at Cabra Castle we were encouraged to go see the castle dog - an Irish Wolfhound called Oscar - he was taller than my daughter - he really was enormous! 
The castle itself was stunning inside and out.

Pop Star Party at Cabra Castle Ireland.JPG