Best big run to date - boom!

Very happy today.

I got up at 5am for todays big run and was out by about 5.40am ready and prepared for what I hoped was to be a 32k run - that's 3/4 of a marathon and from what I've learned most people training for their first marathon would not do more than this distance in their training - and it would be about a month before the race date.

I've brought the distance forward a bit because today is a big day too.  Running parties is what I do usually for kids having birthdays who are about 8-12/13 but today is my brothers birthday and he is 50!!

Fifty - that's like a half century!!  Happy Birthday IAN.

So because my brother Ian will be running the marathon with me in October (he has run marathons before) I figured I should put max effort in today and do a serious big run to mark his birthday.
Some of the parties that have happened this month have been an inspiration too and I have asked the kids to sing Happy Birthday to Ian to celebrate his 50th - these have now all been sent to him in Cairo where he lives.  So thank you to all those kids that helped out.

So the preparation went well - good protein/carb meal last night about 9pm after getting back from the studio and early to bed to get good sleep. Up at 5am with my ever supportive wife (training for a half marathon in September) and a small breakfast, plenty of liquids and off we went.

I stayed with wifey for the first 10k then she split off to go home.  Our daughters at Brownie camp so this was a perfect time for us to do this.

After 21k (half marathon distance) I decided to have the muesli bar I had brought with me for extra energy but OMG never doing this again - I couldn't chew - it took around a half kilometer to eat the bugger and I nearly coughed on it twice.  They are not the right food for energy on the go.  I've got to get some of the gels people talk about.  So things went really tho and the heat was not a problem this time.  5am to 6/7am is a cool time of the day with all the smells of pollen and calm roads.  By 27k I was flagging tho but the need to smash 30k was enough to keep me going and smash it I did - brilliant feeling to keep going under psychological pain.  At 30.5k I was faced with the biggest hill in Kenny and out of water, so i decided to walk and not get a needless injury.  At the top of the hill was an old man doing something random in his drive and I asked him if he would mind refilling my water bottles - he gave me the hose pipe saying "its all the same stuff!" and then miraculously for like about 1 minute it rained! But I was refreshed and refuelled so kept going and ran to 32k. I was happy with that but had sort of set my goal on 34k really so I walked 1k and ran the last. 

After running for so long then walking, my calf muscles had given up i think and so maybe this wasn't the best idea - I've heard trainers saying that it's better to keep going and run really slow than stop and/or walk - now I know why. Anyway - I feel really positive now that a marathon is possible for me - 34k is only 8k away and about 80% the distance - I've got 3 months training left and visiting Belgium, Boston, New York and Spain is going to be inspiration to keep training hard.  Bring it on!

Pop Star Party - best run to date.png

Tiny reminder about the marathon relevance to Pop Star Party news:
In October this year I will be running the Dublin marathon so am currently training 4 days a week to build strength & passion for running - I will be running for a charity also and that charity is ChildLine Ireland.
I'm taking a food supplement for extra energy & all round organic support to diet:
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Running for Child Line in Ireland

Just a very quick few words about the marathon in October which I am running and the charity I have chosen to help raise a few quid for - or Euros even.  It is not a requirement of the race to represent a charity like London is, but I have opted to since it is so relevant.  The kids who have a party with us are fortunate to be given a party and not all kids are - but they should be.

My chosen charity is ChildLine in Ireland or the Irish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children ISPCC. Why the Irish ChildLine you may ask? Well the race is of course in Ireland but my wife and all her family are Irish and my daughter half Irish, so that hopefully is enough.  That aside, I think that it really doesn't matter which country since the point is that if a child is being bullied or worse, it's vital they have knowledge of how to call for help and ChildLine charities in general, in any country, all need support.

So here is the link which will be built into all blogs from now (hopefully!):



The Run to Dublin - Marathon Man

OK so I've decided to use this blog site to talk about my marathon training. "What's that got to do with parties?" you quite rightly ask!!  Well read on.

I'm not too good at blogs but want to improve. I'm not too good at running but want to improve. So it makes sense to combine the two eh!

I work with hundreds of kids every year running parties and have chosen to include ChildLine as my charity for the marathon in Dublin which is on Sunday October 28th 2018.  

Hopefully later and as things improve I will add all the details and maybe have followers too. So I'm gonna keep blog posts short (especially this one as Im running late today) (pardon the pun) but am excited to start to get this big deal out there.  

Training for a marathon starts early and actually i started last year when i trained from January 2017 to September 2017 for the half marathon in Nottingham. I completed it in 2 hours 15 mins which was a bit slower than i had hoped by hey - theres good reasons - more later on that.

This year training has also kinda begun and its exciting because the training will continue wherever I go - I already ran in Portugal in January (during a stag party holiday!) and will be running part of the actual marathon course in Ireland when I'm over there for my brother-in-laws marriage in March. After that Im going to Norway for a family holiday and Portugal again to help a friend developing a property and then hopefully Spain in the Summer, New York and Boston visiting family then the big one back in Ireland in October. So yes its exciting and I want to share it somehow!

So there we go - this is the start.


Running parties for kids & running a marathon for ChildLine