The Run to Dublin - Marathon Man

OK so I've decided to use this blog site to talk about my marathon training. "What's that got to do with parties?" you quite rightly ask!!  Well read on.

I'm not too good at blogs but want to improve. I'm not too good at running but want to improve. So it makes sense to combine the two eh!

I work with hundreds of kids every year running parties and have chosen to include ChildLine as my charity for the marathon in Dublin which is on Sunday October 28th 2018.  

Hopefully later and as things improve I will add all the details and maybe have followers too. So I'm gonna keep blog posts short (especially this one as Im running late today) (pardon the pun) but am excited to start to get this big deal out there.  

Training for a marathon starts early and actually i started last year when i trained from January 2017 to September 2017 for the half marathon in Nottingham. I completed it in 2 hours 15 mins which was a bit slower than i had hoped by hey - theres good reasons - more later on that.

This year training has also kinda begun and its exciting because the training will continue wherever I go - I already ran in Portugal in January (during a stag party holiday!) and will be running part of the actual marathon course in Ireland when I'm over there for my brother-in-laws marriage in March. After that Im going to Norway for a family holiday and Portugal again to help a friend developing a property and then hopefully Spain in the Summer, New York and Boston visiting family then the big one back in Ireland in October. So yes its exciting and I want to share it somehow!

So there we go - this is the start.


Running parties for kids & running a marathon for ChildLine