What goes into a party? Before and After.

So much goes into planning the perfect party - it starts with a phone-call from a parent and you deciding the date. Once this is agreed your deposit is made and I send out invites for you to pass onto to your party pals.  The day of the party arrives and everything is ready because ahead of the party you have received, completed and returned the checklist detailing which songs and what party you want and the food can be bought for the buffet accordingly.  This is why our parties always run smoothly.

Of course the kids make the party what it is and every party has different things happen depending on interactions with the kids.  The best part always seems to be when we fill the room with dry ice and the smoke and lasers kick in making the room a dream.

But most parents probably don't realise that after the party it takes a couple of hours to produce the video for you if you have chosen that option - always a pleasure to make of course and I really appreciate the feedback comments  Also the production of branded photo prints takes time and is one of the unpredictable aspects of the parties. Frames, paper ink etc all cost and sadly last year we saw a bit of a rise in costs to just about everything.  So to try and keep in line with things I have had to increase the price of the parties just a bit.  Don't worry the level of chaos and hilarity will stay the same though.

I really look forward to running your party this year - contact me (Roger) to book yours on: 07956 624376. Let's get this party started!