Booking Your Party

The magical day for your child is approaching and you are hunting for the perfect party.  No easy job in this age with so much to choose from.  This is why over the last few years I have (to the best of my knowledge) made the party booking procedure dead easy for the busy parent who is tasked with getting a party arranged.  

I take booking deposits over the phone sometimes, via email sometimes, but mostly through the website which is the easiest way I believe.  All bookings are penciled in to the diary my end but no booking is firm until a deposit has been made which is done through the website.  I've read on other party venue sites and in discussion forums that taking a deposit is the normal practice preferred by everyone.  It shows commitment from the customer and allows the venue/entertainer to be certain the booking will be met on the day.  The deposit covers ancillary expenses, such as food in my case, and should there be a 'no show' then nobody is out of pocket - but I'm pleased to say that in all the time I have been running parties there has never been a no show.

After receiving your deposit I email you to confirm I have received the deposit and send you some Free party invites plus ask 2 quick questions for my marketing purposes and its wonderful to read the replies.

Just this month I received this reply from Jo who has booked her daughter in for a party later this year: 
"In terms of website, it all worked fine for me. It's clear, descriptive (many of them don't give you much idea what it involves), plenty of photos/video and good contact details (another fault with some...they'll only communicate via email and not phone!). Easy to pay deposit and all packages clear. I'm always pretty pedantic and like to know what I'm paying for, hence the visit. I've done it with all my parties...the last thing I want is to have a rubbish party. It's a waste of money and ruins the day. I'll also try and get a recommendation which again I had for you.
I just want a nice, fun experience for my daughter and her friends (and us!) and the website describes what I saw and hopefully what we will experience.  
Thanks - Jo"

So there we go - Pop Star Party - making every step of your party easy.

Phone Pop Star Party.jpeg